thumb_8019_52.767Active light exists without any substance, like a shadow in reverse. An optical reaction which is produced under controlled studio conditions can take on a life of its own, or attach to a host form as a symbiotic entity. The performer’s motion is matched by swirls of color, as if the light itself is dancing with them.

11.07.05.Shandra.FX7.´m interested in the way that light travels across the skin, within one or more fields of active light. The pulse on one’s neck can send an avalanche of color down the torso. Light becomes a fluid substance that follows the path of least resistance and then slips away as quickly as it appears.

Subtle variations in the texture, color tone, reflectivity and form of the projection surface all play roles in the generation of active light fields. A curious pattern of lines is generated through a combination of pure optics and the mundane digital processing performed on each image by both the video camera and the video projector.

Theory could not have predicted the results obtained by connecting electronics equipment in such simple ways – and it remains to be seen what can occur when other types of devices are combined in similar ways.12.07.21.Cecily.


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