7497_10151425094752407_1862780843_nMike Hall is a video artist with a studio in Brooklyn, New York. His work involves the creation of optical field reactions in which the form, color, reflectivity, texture and motion of the projection surface causes the generation of imagery upon the surface itself. This practice, which he has pursued since 2003, has required the development of specialized mechanical harnesses and staging elements which make complex optical reactions possible. In addition to abstractions generated on uniform surfaces, Hall works with movement artists to interact with the optical fields, producing a luminous quality to the skin which suggests that the light is somehow emanating from the body in all directions.

The technical aspects of Hall’s work are informed by a 20-year career in software engineering, and his employers have included Lexicon, Inktomi and most recently Adobe Systems. His lifelong study of music has led to the development of acoustically reactive software, including an application written in 2002 called Melodicon, which created graphic imagery from harmonics in an acoustic stream. Currently he is finishing development on a cloud-based web development tool called mediaFrame, which features the ability to create complex, database-driven online media applications, written in a proprietary XML-based language called mediaScript.

In addition to his artistic and technical pursuits, Hall has produced a number of documentary shorts, covering performance art and political activism events, while a member of the Somerville Producers Group between 2003-08. He was technical consultant and installer for the first season at Art Interactive, a new media exhibition space in Cambridge Mass, from 2002-03. Additionally, Hall has installed works by many prominent fine artists in New York, Boston, and Europe, including works by Jeff Talman and Harriet Casdin-Silver.


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